Daniela Lišková

wedding and family photographer

Weddings and couple photo shooting

I have many experiencies with photo shooting international weddings in Prague and I really enjoy it. I can speak english and spanish so I can communicate with you during the photo shooting easily. Prague is one of the best places in the world to have wedding. I live in Prague and I know Prague very well, so I can recommend you the best places for wedding photo shooting. I love meeting new people especially foreigners, so with me as your wedding photographer you will really enjoy your wedding day.

 Child and family photo shooting

I am trying to do my best to catch amazing photos everytime. When I work with children it is absolutely necessary to be patient! I am also very friendly, because children need more friend than strict photographer. I love photo shooting outdoors. I choose the best places in Prague especially parks, because I prefer natural – looking child photography. It is better for children to be outside than in an atelier. They can be more theyselfs and photos from outside are incomparable from photos from atelier. Family and child photo shooting outdoors is possible in each season. In a spring and in a summer there are plenty of flowers, in a autumn we can use golden fields and falling yellows leaves and in a winter there can be amazing snow landscape. This natural beauty could not replace any decoration in a atelier.

  I am very professional, patient and friendly photographer.  


 Maternity photo shooting

Documenting women´s body during pregnancy is one of the best part of my job as a family photographer. As I wrote here I prefer naturally looking phtotography, so also for maternity photo shooting I choose beautiful places outside. Very nice photos can be also together with a future daddy. I think, that each women deserves in her pregnancy time to extra care. I always give to my clients an extra care. Especially to pregnant women. When I do maternity photo shooting I am very empathy, patient and helpful, because one day I will by mother too! For pregnant women who, can do the best for theyselfs I can also recommend studio Maminka, where they provide atenatal courses for women, excercises for pregnant women and also relaxation massage for pregnant women. I know the owner of this studio very well, so I can really recommend it.


In my opinion Prague is one of the best places in the world to take pre-wedding, couple or family photos and in choosing this magical destination you will get to see that too.


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